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Robotic Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaning tools

Are you looking for the easy way to keep your pool clean? We carry a full line of quality robotic cleaners at our New Jersey Pool Supplies store in Paterson. No matter the size or shape of your pool, robotic pool cleaners do all the hard work for you.

Today’s robotic cleaners make it all that much easier to keep your pool clean with features like extra large filter baskets, programmable touch-screen control, bottom brush scrubbers, timers, and pool skimming action. Every surface of your pool, including the water line, can stay beautifully clean and clear.

We offer you quality residential and commercial robotic cleaners for in-ground pools and above ground pools from top name brands like Pentair Prowler, Maytronics Dolphin, Polaris Sport, Aqua Products Aquabot, and more. Stop by our store or call so we can help you choose the perfect robotic cleaner for your swimming pool.

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Pentair Prowler 930

Pentair Prowler 930Wireless robotic cleaner for in-ground pools. Features deep-scrubbing action and independent operation from your pool’s filtration system. No extra booster pump to run. Affordable eco-friendly cleaner.


Aquabot PURA 4XT

Aquabot Pura 4XTEquipped with a top access filter basket for easy care and fixed bottom brushes to clean algae and film on surfaces. Equipped with an adjustable axle pin to help maximize coverage and prevent cable tangling.


Aquabot Rapids 1500

Aquabot Rapids 1500Cleans all sizes and surfaces of residential in-ground pools. This is a smart robotic cleaner that covers every surface of the pool in a systematic method. Scrubbing vibrating brush on the bottom.


Aquabot Rapids 4WD

Aquabot Rapids 4WDOffers more flexible coverage over your pool surfaces with its true 4 wheel drive wheels. Powerful rotating brush on the bottom to lift stubborn dirt and debris.


Aquabot Supreme

Aquabot SupremeCleaning coverage up to 6,800 square feet per hour. Fine mesh filter bag traps debris down to 2 microns in size. Removes grime along the waterline and works independently of your pool’s filter. No need to run a booster pump.

If you are looking for robotic cleaners for your New Jersey pool, please call Jersey Chemicals at 973-523-3736 or fill out our
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