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Pool Covers and Liners in New JerseyIf you are looking for quality pool covers & liners in New Jersey, you’ll find a great selection at our New Jersey pool supplies company in Paterson. We provide above ground pool covers & liners from trusted name-brand manufacturers.

At Jersey Chemicals, you can trust our complete line of swimming pool covers, liners, and other accessories to be durable and well-made. You’ll have plenty of choices in colors, styles, and types from budget-friendly standard covers & liners to our premium Super Heavy XXtreme Winter Covers and thick, durable swimming pool liner products.

Come by our store to view our stock of quality pool covers & liners or let us help you with a custom order. Our friendly staff at Jersey Chemicals would be happy to help you sort through the options and make a selection that’s right for you.

Swimming Pool Covers

Winterizing your pool is an important process that will include installing a durable cover for protection. Not only does it protect the pool itself, it protects the liner from unnecessary winter stress.

Pool Cover by LOOP-LOC

You invested in your swimming pool already, so it only makes sense to protect this asset with the proper accessories and equipment. Purchasing and installing a pool cover is a smart choice.

Whether you want a leaf net pool cover, solar pool cover, or a simple winter pool cover, we give you all the options available for above-ground pools.

Swimming Pool Liners

Pool liners will need to be replaced at some point. If your pool liner has seen better days and it’s time to do something about a replacement liner, our professionals at Jersey Chemicals can help you purchase the right liner and install it for you.

Pool Liners from LOOP-LOC

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We do offer servicing and refurbishments of above-ground and in-ground swimming pools throughout New Jersey by our Sister Company, JC Pools Services, Inc.

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