Ladders & Steps

Curved Step System

No matter what type of swimming pool you have, ladders & steps are necessary to safely get in and out of the swimming pool. You’ll find a quality selection of ladders & steps at our New Jersey pool supplies store in Paterson.

Above ground pools either have a deck or they don’t. Ladders & steps for above ground pools are made in A-Frame shapes that reach the ground outside the pool and over to the bottom of the pool. Deck ladders & steps are connected to the deck at the handrails and reach down to the bottom of the pool.

We carry quality ladders & steps for every budget. Let us help you get in and out of the water easier and safer. Our Jersey Chemicals team will be happy to assist you with making the right selection for your particular pool.

No Bonding and No Grounding!

Steps & Ladders

  • Grand Pool Entry Steps & Stairs
  • Simple Steps for Above Ground Pools
  • Safety Step Pool Ladders
  • Steps & Ladder Liner Pads
  • Heavy Duty In-Pool Ladders
  • Heavy Duty Step Systems
  • Non-Slip Steps & Ladders
  • Seat Steps For Pools
  • Wedding Cake Steps
  • Stainless Steel Hand Rails
  • A-Frame Ladders for Above Ground Pools
  • Pool Ladders With Barriers & Roll Guards
  • and more

Sig X Closed StepsCurved Step SystemHalf Open Ladder

The Jimmy Bench

The Jimmy BenchThe JimmyBench Conversion Kit is designed to transform virtually any inground pool ladder into a swimout bench. All parts for standard conversion are included in the kit.

  • Pool ladder sockets must be along a straight pool wall and at least 10″ from any corner. The JimmyBench needs a total of 40″ of straight wall in order to fit properly.
  • Pool ladder sockets must be between 19″ and 20″ on center
  • Rails must be perpendicular to patio. Settled anchor sockets and/or askew rails may result in improper installation and may damage pool liner or pool surface. See diagram on our FAQ page for correct and incorrect installation.

Saftron Handrails

“Say goodbye to rust Forever” No Bonding or Grounding! Recommended for Salt water pools!

Saftron Handrails for Pols and SpasSaftron Handrails for Pols and SpasSaftron Handrails for Pols and Spas

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