Robotic Cleaners

Dolphin Active 30

Are you looking for the easy way to keep your pool clean? We carry a full line of quality robotic cleaners at our New Jersey Pool Supplies store in Paterson. No matter the size or shape of your pool, robotic pool cleaners do all the hard work for you.

Today’s robotic cleaners make it all that much easier to keep your pool clean with features like extra large filter baskets, programmable touch-screen control, bottom brush scrubbers, timers, and pool skimming action. Every surface of your pool, including the water line, can stay beautifully clean and clear.

We offer you quality residential and commercial robotic cleaners for in-ground pools and above ground pools from top name brands like Pentair Prowler, Maytronics Dolphin, Polaris Sport, Dolphin Active Series, Water Tech Volt, 4xlt Series, Volt Leaf Vac, Volt 550LI Cordless Robotic, and more. Stop by our store or call so we can help you choose the perfect robotic cleaner for your swimming pool.

Dolphin Active 30

Dolphin Active 30i Robotic Pool CleanerPatent-pending PowerStream Mobility System creates a multi-directional water flow, which enables a constant grip on vertical surfaces. This not only ensures your pool walls and waterline are effectively cleaned, it improves navigation.


Pentair Series

Pentair Prowler 920The Pentair Prowler 920 Robotic Pool Cleaner offers a superior level of cleaning, scrubbing and vacuuming all the way to the tile line.


Pentair Prowler 930Pentair Prowler 930 – Wireless robotic cleaner for in-ground pools. Features deep-scrubbing action and independent operation from your pool’s filtration system. No extra booster pump to run. Affordable eco-friendly cleaner.



Water Tech Volt Series

Volt Pool CleanerThe Water Tech™ Volt FX-8Li is designed to clean the large in-ground and above ground pools quickly and efficiently. The newly upgraded Volt FX-8Li now features lithium ion battery technology with a push button ON/OFF switch.

Powerful and easy to use, this vacuum is completely independent from main filtration systems. To operate, attach the Volt FX-8Li to any standard telescopic pool pole, turn the unit on, and you are ready to vacuum.



New Products

Polaris Epic 8640

Polaris Epic 8640The Polaris EPIC 8640 delivers enhanced maneuverability with a tighter turn radius to better traverse your pool’s floors along with powerful propulsion for more nimble navigation up walls and over obstacles.


Polaris ALPHA iQ

Polaris ALPHA iQUshering in the next evolution of intelligent robotic pool cleaners, the Polaris® ALPHA™ iQ+ provides strategic cleaning for a brilliantly clean pool you can clearly see.


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