Preparing Your New Jersey Pool for Summer

New Jersey Pool SuppliesSummer is just around the corner, which means we’re coming closer to months of fun in the sun with our families and friends. For you pool owners out there, it also means it’s time to put in some work to get your New Jersey pool ready for the warmer months.

Fortunately, the job is easy enough if you have the right pool supplies. While there is certainly a great and varied assortment of supplies to choose from, you don’t have to fret over buying each and every one. After all, you can get your New Jersey pool summer ready like a pro with just the following key pool equipment:

Skim Debris off the Top

After months of non-use, your pool will surely have accumulated quite a good deal of leaves and other natural debris. The easiest way to get rid of this accumulation is to simply skim it off the top of your pool after filling it back up.

Of course, there’s only one tool for this job: a pool net, naturally. This low-cost piece of pool equipment will go strong for years, making it a great investment since it will dependably get your pool summer ready for many summers to come.

Get the Water Clean and Clear with Chlorine

Pools New JerseyYou can skim every bit of dirt and grime off your pool’s surface, but if the pool water itself is laden with unsightly (and unhealthy!) algae and other nastiness, it will never be ready for your summer. So, you need to get something that will get your pool water cleaned up.

For this job, you have a great piece of equipment – well, maybe equipment isn’t quite the right word here. After all, we are talking about a chemical: chlorine. You can’t keep your pool clean, clear, and (most of all) sanitary without adding chlorine to it, so this chemical will prove essential for getting your pool summer ready.

Get Your Robotic Cleaner to Work

Your pool won’t be fully summer ready until you’ve gotten it cleaned from top to bottom. Now that you’ve skimmed the top and cleaned the middle, you need to focus on the bottom: the pool’s floor. Fortunately, this job is a no-brainer if you have the right equipment.

What is the right equipment for this particular job? Why, none other than a robotic cleaner! This vacuum-type device will thoroughly scour the bottom of your pool, removing all traces of algae and other unsightly buildups. Your pool will look stunning and be completely summer ready!

Call Our New Jersey Pool Supplies Experts to Get Your Pool Summer Ready

Ready to get your pool ready for summer? Then call the New Jersey pool equipment experts at Jersey Chemicals. We offer all of these great pieces of equipment and more to help you get your pool ready to enjoy with your friends and loved ones when the warmer months start rolling in.

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