Robotic Pool Cleaners Are Worth It For Swimming Pools In Paterson

If you’re new to owning a backyard swimming pool in Paterson, NJ, you may be wondering whether robotic cleaners are worth the money. You’re not alone, a lot of people want to know if they do a good job before they make a decision to invest in one. Our pool supply company says yes, robotic pool cleaners are definitely worth it if you choose from the best brands that last.

If you’re thinking about a robotic cleaner for your pool in Paterson, it’s worth investigating the features available before jumping into one of the units. Here’s some information you’ll want to know.

Why Robotic Cleaners ARE Worth It

While cleaning the pool seems relatively easy and not that difficult, the problem is that it gets really old really fast. You’ll find that out after owning your Paterson swimming pool for a while. Those long, hot days where you want to jump in the pool but have to clean it first are frustrating. Today’s models of quality robotic cleaners eliminate the waiting and nearly all the work of pool maintenance. You’ll be able to jump into a sparkling clean pool anytime day or night.

Robotic pool cleaners in good quality name brands come with good warranties. They are made to last around 8 years or more and are easy to maintain.

Quality Robotic Pool Cleaner Brands

We only carry the top name brand robotic cleaners in Paterson, so we can give you some information about the most popular models we sell. A few noteworthy manufacturers are Maytronics, Aqua Products, and Pentair.

Aquabot Robotic Cleaners

The Aquabot Supreme is made by Aqua Products. It’s made to cover every surface of a 6,800 square foot swimming pool including along the top of the water line. This baby can trap debris down to 2 microns in size. A human red blood cell is around 5 microns and a hair around 75 microns across.

The Aquabot PURA 4XT offers you the finest pumps and bottom brush cleaner to remove algae and film on pool surfaces. You’ll love the large top access filter basket that’s easy to clean. This and the Supreme model work independently of the pool’s filter so there’s no need to run and energy-hogging booster pump.

Pentair Prowler Robotic Cleaners

The Prowler 930 is a wireless automatic pool cleaner that you can program with your smartphone. This model also works without a booster pump. It has a high-speed scrubbing brush and captures ultra-fine debris. It also features a top-access filter basket.

Maytronics Dolphin Robotic Cleaners

Every Maytronics Dolphin robotic cleaner is made with advanced filtration systems and brushing technologies. They offer you easy to empty basket filters and top performance for any type of pool environment. The warranty against defects and workmanship covers 3 years with no prorated tricks.

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