Top Tips for Winterizing Your Pool This Season

Pool Winterization in New JerseyThough it’s time to say goodbye for the summer, there’s most certainly a right way and a wrong way to do so when it comes to your swimming pool. Although it’s referred to as winterizing your pool, it’s a practice carried out in the fall in preparation for winter temperatures and weather.
It’s why you need advice and guidance from a pool supply company to help you through the process. We carry out this practice in order to prevent damages that can occur during the months your pool isn’t being used.
Plus, that makes it so much easier to open back up once spring rolls around again. Once you’ve developed a checklist and a routine, it’s easy, and this should help you get there with your pool winterization process.

Getting Your Swimming Pool Ready for the Winter

Aside from making sure you have the appropriate winter chemicals and products, it’s about knowing what steps to take. Make your seasonal pool closing a success by following these guidelines and adding anything else that’s useful:

  • Balance & Shock: Approximately a week before closing the pool, you’ll want to get it balanced. From there, right before closure, use chlorine or non-chlorine shock treatment. This helps keep the water as controlled as possible through the winter months. Just make sure you don’t add algaecide and chlorine shock at the same time and not right before covering it.
  • Remove Baskets, Ladders, etc: This is a seemingly minor task but one that can cause serious damage. Remove your skimmer baskets, ladders, wall fittings, etc., and store for safekeeping. Stay organized, and you’ll know exactly where everything is once it’s time to reopen the pool.
  • Clean the Pool: Give it one last good thorough cleaning before covering it up. You’ll still be surprised by the amount of debris that finds its way into your pool by the time you reopen it in the spring. However, this will prepare it to be as clean as possible.
  • Lower the Pool Level: You can use the filter pump or a submersible pump. However, if the method you select is going to take a few days, cover your pool in the meantime in order to keep it as clean as possible.
  • Add Your Chemicals: Walk your liquid chemicals around the pool for best distribution. Don’t add chlorine shock and algicide at the same time. This is an essential step in maintaining a clean pool during the months you’re not cleaning it regularly.
  • Cover the Pool: Make sure it fits snuggly and that there aren’t any holes or tears present. You can take other precautionary steps, like adding a leaf net, to help with the success of your pool cover. However, at least make sure it’s securely covered.

For more assistance, and to get premium chemicals, call Jersey Chemicals now, and let’s get your swimming pool winter-ready.

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